Legal Advice On Property Law

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Legal Advice On Property Law

In John Christopher Polit Ecuador, we have the best property lawyers to handle any kind of property-related case like property dispute, real estate dispute, tenant-landlord dispute, and rent matters. We also help our clients in negotiating and the draft process of the residential and commercial lease. We have helped many real estate builders in commercial, residential, and industrial property related matters.

John Polit has both, complete expertise and also experience to handle any case with effectiveness and minimum fuss. We listen to the problem with complete care. John Polit Ecuador provides the best advice to our clients as per his need.

The major property litigation areas we handle are:

  • Acquisitions and divestment in India of commercial and industrial buildings, resorts, and hotels apart from agricultural properties and individual residences.
  • Cost-sharing agreement between the builder and the purchaser
  • Cost-sharing agreement between builders
  • Retail and commercial leasing
  • Development and construction financing
  • Sold property dispute
  • Leaseback contracts
  • Land acquisition cases
  • Dispute on rent
  • Construction agreement and project management with builders
  • Dispute on the partition of property

John Polit have an experienced bunch of lawyers to handle the NRI clients as well as the domestic clients in India. In John Polit Miami herald, we handle cases and provide our legal advice on matters like:

  • Rent agreement dispute advice
  • Dispute on boundary
  • Application for relief under a long lease agreement with the builder
  • Unlawful repair claim
  • Dispute on rental security deposit
  • Mortgage dispute
  • Banking dispute
  • Leasehold enfranchisement service for both long leaseholders and landlords
  • In property cases fraud or misrepresentation
  • Dispute on planning permission
  • Rent or possession recovery for the NRI clients
  • Recovering premises or land from unlawful occupiers
  • Service and rent recovery charges under a long lease
  • Clearance services for site plan