Finance Legal Services

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Finance Legal Services

Finance industry has many challenges and keeping up with it is not a very easy task. You have to work very hard but more than that you need is the perfect support to hold you at the time of your fall. Here at John Polit, we provide help on any kind of financial matter or financial transactions to our clients. By keeping the best interest of the client in mind, we help them in matters like real estate, financial documents drafting and negotiation, business financing, car finance, syndicated loans, loan agreements, security instruments, financial documentation review, and trade financing. We will bring value to your transaction. You just have to contact us and leave your problem with us. The financial issues in which we help our clients are:

  • International Banking: The service we provide includes acquisition and leveraged finance, banking, asset finance, export and trade finance, structured finance, and real estate finance.
  • Business Insolvency and Restructuring: This John Polit service includes creditor and debtor representations, restructurings, refinancing, acquisitions of distressed assets, and workouts.
  • International Debt Capital Markets: This amazing service of ours includes private placements, debt, and high-yield capital markets offerings, derivatives, secularization, and repackaging, etc.
  • Project financing and Infrastructure: Here in this very service, John Polit Miami herald includes privatization, global infrastructure project, procurement, engineering, private finance initiatives, construction contracts, public-private partnerships, concession agreements, and acquisitions and mergers.

We provide capability and highly integrated service to all our clients. We have already helped a lot of corporations and financial institutions already. We, here at John Polit Ecuador do everything keeping in mind the best interest of your company. So, you are just a call away from hiring the most reliable legal service in the country. Don’t hesitate as we will be there for you and your family in hard times. Join hands with us and get in our huge family of clients who rate us very highly.


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