Criminal Defense Services

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Criminal Defense Services

John Polit is one of the most experienced law firms who is dealing with family and criminal cases for a very long time. Are you facing a criminal charge or any of your other loved ones facing fierce police investigation? You will need an experienced lawyer to handle that kind of situation by keeping your case his number 1 priority. Jail sentences or big fines can suddenly create havoc in your life and you need a trustworthy person who can help you out in a bizarre situation. For that, you need to see a lawyer and I will say come and consult us at John Polit Miami Herald. You can call us anytime and we are always ready to help you analyze the case, give you advice on credible evidence, build a strategy, and solve your problem by any means. John C Polit prepares the case theory after analyzing every aspect of the case. We are very committed and professional team who will help you in handling your case with perfection. There are different types of cases we handle like:

  • Assaulting a person
  • Public order offense.
  • Obscenity offense.
  • Sexual offense.
  • Forgery
  • Property damage.
  • Public servant-related offense.
  • Offense against the administration.
  • Offense related to prostitution.
  • Corruption offense
  • Cybercrime
  • Drug offense
  • Employment offense
  • Immigration offense
  • Road traffic offense
  • Money laundering offense
  • Financial crime
  • & many more.

John Polit Ecuador had created such a huge reputation that most of our clients visit us on the recommendation of their friend or family member, who already had worked with us. We fight very hard for our clients and support their family too. Before taking up the matter in our hands, we analyze the whole situation very deeply. We in John Christopher Polit always think that every person needs to be given a second chance.


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