Corporate Legal Services

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Corporate Legal Services

In every organization, the corporate legal services play a huge role and the corporate lawyer always make sure that he advises the corporation for their best interest. Other than that, some other duties of a corporate lawyer are checking the legality of the commercial transactions and also being aware the corporation of all the legal rights they have in various sectors. We, here at John C Polit does everything keeping in mind the best interest of your company. We provide our clients the knowledge of tax law, contract law, securities law, accounting, intellectual property rights, bankruptcy, zoning laws, licensing, and other laws which are related to business.

Our Key Features:

  • Review the corporate policies and also code of conduct: In John Polit Ecuador, we help to take proper action against the employees who are creating a nuisance which is against the code of conduct for the company. As the code of conduct is important and in every organization, there must be some guiding rules which needed to be followed by every employee.
  • Policy Drafting: In every corporate, there are some policies that must run smoothly and for that, they had to be followed by both the employer and employees. We help to design such policies in John and also help you to determine your major action or decision here. There are certain things in it like sexual harassment policy, maternity benefit plan, leave policy, code of conduct, etc.
  • Drafting Agreements: We help you to draft all your agreements by being the negotiator between both parties and by checking that you are using all your rights properly for your best interest.
  • Renewals: John Christopher Polit helps you with all kinds of agreements or contract renewals by keeping your profit in mind.
  • Amendments: John Polit Miami Herald helps you to organize a meeting with your board members, shareholders, and other officers, with whom you share a bad relation. We will surely mend the relation and help you in further progress.


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