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While Lawyers across the World are amongst the most highly paid professionals, there are rarely few who have made it to the top. These few are the ones who first study the facts, analyze the law and then make their presentation to the Court in the best manner possible. John Polit Miami John Polit ecuador & Associates, This Law graduate from the University of Richmond, is a specialist in dealing cases like Car Accident, Personal injury and Automobile dealing disputes. Here at John Polit Miami Herald & Associates, located in Miami we firmly believe that lawyers have to be good judges of human nature and that’s where John Polit & Associates outrun our counterparts in making our clients happy and smiling always with best in class legal services.

Car accident Legal services

Get all the expert advice from John Polit Ecuador on car accidents, Car dealer dispute claims, fault, accident settlements, insurance, and hiring a car accident lawyer under one roof.

Personal Injury Legal services

John Polit Miami also provides Personal injury legal services where our experts help injured people seek compensation from those who have harmed them.

Legal advice on Property law

Our expert, John C Polit helps People who are often found to be in need of Property Management Lawyers to help them with the land that they have either inherited or purchased.

Finance legal services

Our firm, John Polit Miami Herald represents clients before various legal forums, in diverse matters relating to banking, finance, and insurance, including matters relating to dishonor of cheques, 

Corporate legal services

The Corporate Law Division of Our Law Firm by John christopher polit caters to national and international clients for incorporation of business entities across the world.

Criminal Defense services

For expert criminal defense legal advice from expert senior solicitors including John C Polit Miami, covering a range of cases from motoring prosecutions to criminal offenses visit us today.

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